How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

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A new paint job is a good way to spruce up your home and add value. It is just as true for people staying in their homes as for people looking to sell. A fresh coat of paint can also make your home look more spacious. 

When you decide it’s time for a new paint job, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. Most people don’t know When you decide it’s time for a new paint job, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. Most people have a false idea of what painting actually costs and assume that it’s cheaper not to hire. Getting a painting estimate from a professional painting company is not hard. Most pros will give you one for free, with no strings attached.

Ask your local painting company for an interior painting quote when you’re budgeting. If you are looking for an interior painting quote in Saskatoon, you can book one online here.

Cost of Painting an Interior Room

The cost of painting a room depends on many factors. Large rooms tend to cost more than small rooms. The prep work needed before painting is also a factor. If a room has a lot of wall hangings to remove, furniture to cover, or dings and dents to repair, the price goes up. 

Some jobs need more coats of paint than others. If the colour is staying the same, it won’t take much paint to do the job. If the colour change is significant, the number of coats will multiply. Each coat of paint takes time and uses material, making the job more expensive.

Are you switching the colour of your walls drastically? Are you going to a bright colour? Or, are you leaving the walls relatively the same colour? We can tell you if you will have to prime first and how many coats would be necessary. You should always aim to do at least two coats of your topcoat of paint.

To get an estimated cost for painting an interior room, click here.

Cost of Painting the Interior of a House

Whether you want to paint your entire house or a single room, there are many things you need to consider. As mentioned before, size, prep work, and the number of coats of paint used all contribute to the price. When painting a large section of your home, you may want to include the trim, doors, and ceilings as well. (Homeowners often think their trim is fine until they see it next to the new paint.)

A large portion of the time homeowners think their trim is fine, but once they have new paint on the walls the contrast between the newly painted walls and the old paint on the trim becomes apparent. 

A fresh coat of paint on your ceilings can also completely revitalize your home. Also, if your doors have marks on them that you can’t get off, or the paint has faded, a new coat of paint might be the best option. Whatever you decide will influence the cost of painting your home.  

To get an estimated cost for painting an interior room, click here.

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