How to Choose a Quality Painting Contractor

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Need to update your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, but not looking forward to painting on the weekends? Hiring an experienced painting contractor can give you back your weekends and produce stunning results. But hiring the wrong contractor can leave you in worse shape than when you started. So how do you find an experienced and knowledgeable painting contractor in Saskatoon?

At Next Level Painting Saskatoon, we know that finding the right painting contractor can feel overwhelming. Knowing the right questions to ask when you meet with contractors can help you make an informed choice that you’ll feel good about. With our tips, you will find the right fit for your project!

Steps to Finding a Good Painting Contractor

When it’s time to search for a painting contractor in Saskatoon, be sure to find an accredited and trustworthy individual or company. By hiring a reputable contractor, your painting project should go much smoother and be more successful.

By following our top three tips below, you will be able to find a professional and cost-effective contractor for your project.

Book a Project Consultation

An initial consultation is when you will get your first impression of the contractor. The consultation should take place at your home while they are evaluating the space to be painted. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. You can ask for an estimated timeframe or for recommendations for the project. Based on their evaluation and answers to your questions, you should be able to gauge how knowledgeable they are about painting.

Get a Quote for your Painting Project

Cost is a huge factor of any home improvement project that often can’t be ignored. A formal painting estimate will show a breakdown of all aspects of the painting project, including labor, materials, and a detailed list of services.

Check Painting Contractor Reviews

To be sure you are hiring a professional contractor, do some research on them. You will want to consider how many years they have been in business and if they have any awards or recognitions. A good place to start is by searching their painter reviews on Google, Facebook or other review websites. While these factors don’t always equate the contractor’s professionalism, they are a good representation of their client satisfaction and service.

Depending on your style, you can compare and contrast different contractors before making your final choice. Whether you use a pros and cons list or compare the estimates, you will know which painting contractor in Saskatoon best fits your comfort level and the needs of your project.

finding a painting contractor

Asking the Right Painting Questions

The first step is scheduling in-person consultations with the companies you are considering. These consultations should be free of charge and include a free written estimate. During your consultation, asking the right questions now can save you time, money, and hassles later. Here is a list of painting questions to ask in order to find a qualified painting contractor.

Do they have the experience needed for your project?

Not all painters have the same knowledge or experience. Painting a kitchen is completely different than painting a home’s exterior, so be sure to ask not only how long they have been in business, but also if they have experience with the painting job you need done. Locally owned and operated, Next Level Painting has years of experience, completing hundreds of interior and exterior painting projects for homeowners in Saskatoon and across the Saskatchewan province.

Does the painting contractor guarantee their work?

A reputable contractor will guarantee their work, and if they are unwilling, it’s a red flag. At Next Level Painting, our top priority is making sure you love the work done by our painting contractors, and we guarantee every job completed for a full two years.

Which brands of paint will be used?

The quality of paint your contractor uses will greatly affect the results. We use only the highest quality paints from trusted brands, including PPG, Dulux, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore for a top-notch finish every time.

How long will the project take?

If a contractor over schedules themselves, your four day project could take two weeks to get started, so it’s important to ask when they can start, how many work days are needed, and when the job will be completed. At Next Level Painting, our project timelines average less than two weeks from initial consultation to completion, with many projects taking less than a week!

Do you and your workers/employees have insurance?

By law in Saskatchewan all contractors must have Worker’s Compensation Board coverage for their personnel on site, otherwise the homeowner becomes liable for any injuries on site. In addition, you should look for contractors that also have General Liability Insurance in the case that those accidents do happen.

How many coats are included in the quoted price?

In majority of all painting projects 2 coats of top coat paint is needed. 1 coat is just simply not enough to cover color, brush strokes and etc. In a few rare occurrences 1 top coat may be all that is needed. This usually only happens if you are painting a room the exact same color, and the old paint is in good condition.

If more coats are needed due to unseen complications that are not my fault, will I be charged for those coats?

The painting contractor is the expert. If he/she tells you that you will only need 2 coats to cover a color, then you should hold them to their word. If they, for some reason miscalculated, then the ownership of the miscalculation should be on them and they should cover the cost of the extra coat.

Are you going to prime before you paint? Why or why not?

Priming is something that is not always needed. If the color change is not drastic, 2 coats of top paint should suffice. However, on new drywall, when making a drastic change in color, or when covering an oil-based paint, priming is always a good idea.

Will you cover my flooring and furniture?

All painting contractors should be responsible for doing this. If they are not including this in the price, or try to tell you that it is your job, they are probably not a painting contractor you will want to hire. The painting contractors from Next Level Painting are meticulous when it comes to protecting your home and preparing surfaces. Protecting furniture and floors with plastic sheeting and canvas tarps, hand scraping and sanding all areas to be painted, repairing cracks with premium materials, and spot priming any repairs are just a few ways we ensure gorgeous results you’ll fall in love with.

Will you move my flooring and furniture or is it up to me to move it?

Painting contractors should move most of the furniture. It is understandable, however, that they will mostly likely ask you to clean out/move your valuables and wall hangings, just to insure minimal risk.

If you break something when moving it, how will you compensate me?

First off, painting contractors should make sure to take extreme care of your valuables as you are trusting them in your home. In the rare occasion that an accident happens, as we all know they do, the painting contractor should take full responsibility for the accident, if it is their fault, and make sure you are compensated accordingly. This is where a contractor having General Liability Insurance coverage will benefit you.

If you get paint on my flooring or furniture by accident what will happen?

The painting contractor should be responsible for removing all of their paint from the surfaces of your house that are not being painted. There should be no paint left on trims, furniture or flooring when they have completed their job. Keep in mind that they may be paint on trims, flooring and other surfaces from previous paint jobs that your present contractor will not be able to clean for you.

Do you provide a warranty?

Many painting contractors don’t provide a warranty, but you will want to find one that does. Do you really want to find something wrong with their paint job after they’ve left the site and then have no way to fix it? The painting contractors that do provide a warranty tell you this:
  • They are using good quality paints that they feel confident in standing behind with their warranty.
  • They feel confident that their work will hold up for the duration of the warranty – letting you know what kind of painting job you will be receiving.

Will you provide me with information outlining the paint you are using?

In a few years when you go to repaint, change colours, or you may just need a small can of paint for some touch-ups, you may not remember what sheen and colour was put on your wall. If your painting contractor gives you information about the paint they used, such as sheen and colour, you can have it readily available for helping in your decision next time. Ideally, the painting contractor will have done such an amazing job that they earned your business for life and you will be calling back the same contractor who painted your house and gave you the information! It’s ultimately up to you to decide what is important to you when choosing a painting contractor, but these questions should help to give you a frame of reference at the very least.

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Your home is your greatest asset. When it comes to making home improvements, you want to have the best contractors. At Next Level Painting, we know that finding a quality painting contractor in Saskatoon can be hard. At Next Level Painting, we would be glad to work with you on your next painting project! We have a team of professional painting contractors in Saskatoon who can complete both interior and exterior projects for your home. To learn more about our painting contractors in the Saskatoon area, call Next Level Painting in Saskatoon today at (306) 270-6701. Get started by scheduling your FREE consultation and estimate! Remember, whoever you choose, you will be letting into your home and around your family, so choose someone you TRUST.

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