Painting Projects: Small Cost, Big Impact

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House painting is the first home improvement project for many homeowners. It’s not only faster than many other types of home renovation, but it’s also less expensive. But, painting an entire house isn’t a realistic option for those that only have a weekend to spare.

Affordable Painting Projects

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money, small house painting projects are the way to go. They can be finished in a day or less, and take less preparation and paint to pull off. Small-scale projects can make an impact!

Freshen up your home with these small painting projects from Next Level Painting:

Add an accent wall

Want to make the biggest impact with the smallest amount of paint? Create an accent wall. Go with a colour that complements your existing design scheme. Walls with architectural details, such as fireplaces are popular choices.

Paint the front door and surrounding trim

The exterior of your home is the first thing your guests and neighbours will notice. You’ll want it to look inviting. Concentrate your efforts on the front door and surrounding trim. A freshly painted door can boost the curb appeal of your home, even if it stays the same colour. The effect is even greater if you choose a bold new direction.

Paint the trim and baseboards

If your walls are neutral, try painting the trim and baseboards in a colour that pops. Think apple green trim in a light gray kitchen or turquoise blue windows in a white bedroom. These accents add dimension and style with minimal effort.

Hire an Experienced Painter

Prefer to skip the prep, mess, and hassles of DIY painting? Call on the house painting professionals at Next Level Painting. We offer free estimates and expert colour consultations. Our skilled and knowledgeable team of painters treat every home they enter as if it were their own.

To deliver exceptional results, we meticulously prepare all surfaces before painting. We’ll repair cracks and fill voids with top-quality caulks and putties. We also hand-scrape and sand, and prime surfaces to ensure a smooth finish. We use premium paints and finishes from Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Ready to get started? Call Next Level Painting today at (306) 270-6701 to schedule a free consultation.

Ready to get your painting project started?