Deck Staining

Deck Staining

Deck Stain Seals & Protects

If your deck looks a little dingy, cleaning it can help. But to get your deck in shape, you also need to seal it. Constant exposure to UV rays and rain can cause neglected decks to fade, crack, split and warp. Not only does a properly maintained deck look better, but it also lasts longer. This is a multi-day project because there is a waiting time between the cleaning and the sealing. You can do it by yourself, but using a professional will make life much easier for you.

A water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish. Sprinkle water on the deck. If it soaks in immediately, the deck needs to be sealed. If the water beads up or stands on the deck your deck may not need sealing yet. However, you may need to apply a new wood treatment.

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Cost to Stain a Deck

Pressure wash deck

Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Deck sanding

Sanding & Prep

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Bringing out the beauty of a wooden deck often takes more work than just applying stain or paint. We often pressure wash a deck and even power sand to get the deck ready for the new stain. This ensures the finished product looks amazing and lasts longer. Prep work is often more work than the staining itself but is necessary to get the perfect finish. These prices are rough estimates and will depend on the size, prep work needed and the number of coats. For a more accurate quote, visit our contact page for a painting estimate.

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Large/Multi-Level Decks

$2500 – $5000