Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting
Exterior painting cost

Repaint Your Home's Exterior

See professional results on any exterior home painting project with our exterior painters. Our premium paints, craftsmanship, and attention to detail have made us Saskatoon’s trusted exterior painter.

We put our customers’ satisfaction first so Saskatoon homeowners can see picture-perfect results. Our team will help you add value to your home with a flawless new coat of paint. We can do projects of any size and in any style.

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Cost of Exterior Painting

Each job our exterior painters tackle is different, and so each price is also different. They provide homeowners in the Saskatoon area with free estimates in which we calculate our price based on many variables. These variables include size, prep work needed, substrate, number of coats, and colour change, to name a few.

It is nice to have a price range in mind when deciding on a paint job for your home. Here are some exterior painting price ranges to help you start planning. Please keep in mind these numbers are averages; your home might be quite different. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a free estimate for your specific paint job.

One Level – All Walls Only

$2500 – $5000

One Level – Walls, Trim & Doors

$3500 – $6000

Multi-Level – All Walls Only

$4500 – $6500

Multi-Level – Walls, Trim & Doors

$5000 – $11000

NOTE: Price estimates above will depend on the substrate (ie. wood, stucco, etc), size, prep work needed and the number of coats. This is just an estimated price range. For a more accurate quote, contact us for an exterior painting estimate.