Fence Painting

Fence Painting
Fence staining

Repaint Fence & Improve Curb Appeal

Fences can be a beautiful addition to any property, especially after professional painting or staining. Upgrading your fence is not only a great way to improve curb appeal, but also improve property value.

Our professional fence painting and staining services give an attractive, long-lasting finish. Our painters will make your project an easy, stress-free experience. They can handle any fencing material, style, or size.

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Fence Painting Cost

If you’re looking to beautify your fence and protect it against the elements, there’s no better choice than our fence painting or staining services. Our painters offer a comprehensive range of painting and staining services for fencing. Price will depend on size, prep work needed (ie. old stain removal needed) and the number of coats. This is just an estimated price range. Contact us for a more accurate fence painting estimate.

Standard-sized Fence


Large Fences


Fence Painting Services

Our fence painting services cover a full range of fencing materials, including services for the following:

Fence Staining Services

Meanwhile, our fence staining services including staining for most any species of wood. Our staining services include services for: