Should I buy the paint myself before hiring a painting contractor?

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It’s true, the internet can pretty much teach us anything we want to learn these days, including how to paint. There’s an unlimited amount of DIY information out there that will point you in the right direction of what you can buy for materials for a paint job at your local paint store. While lots of homeowners still rely on professional painting companies to do the painting work for them, this does open up the question of “Should I buy my own paint?”

It’s true that there are many advantages and disadvantages to buying your own paint, but ultimately, asking your painting contractor to purchase the quality of paint that you’d like is the most convenient way to do things. Below are the advantages and disadvantages to buying your own paint vs. hiring a painting contractor in Saskatoon to provide all the paint and equipment necessary for the job.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Own Paint

If you’re a person who likes to have control over the small details, this is probably going to be the most obvious choice for you. You’ll have control over choosing the brand of paint, as well as the cost. Maybe you are a bargain hunter and you’d like to compare prices and make sure you are getting the best deal possible before purchasing your paint. Purchasing your own paint can also give you a sense of comfort in knowing that the quality of paint you want is what is waiting at home to be used by the painting contractor.

Benefits of Hiring a Painting Contractor to Supply Paint

Most of us lead busy lives, and spending the time to research different types of paint, sheens, and colors, as well as the time to walk into the paint stores and wade through a myriad of choices just isn’t feasible with most of our schedules. Having the painting contractor supply the paint and making sure to tell them your preferences, makes this process effortless and less time consuming. 

Cost is another important reason why many people might choose to have their painting contractor pick up the paint for them. Most painting contractors build the price of paint into their quotes because they actually receive a contractors discount at painting stores that is better than any deals the stores may have for DIY painters. 

Lastly, depending on the painting contractor, if they offer a warranty on their work (and would probably be best advised to not accept a quote from a contractor who doesn’t offer a warranty), their warranty may only cover certain paints. This is because, in order to insure their warranty they need to know that the quality of paint is high enough that their work will hold.

Ultimately it’s your decision, there are pro’s and con’s to each approach, you just need to decide what is most important to you.

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