Why is my paint peeling on the exterior of my house?

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It’s that time of year again, the weather is warm, the snow is going away, and… you start to notice that that paint is peeling on the exterior of your home. There are definitely a few different reasons why this could be. It is important to make sure that you figure out the correct reason, before painting over the problem. In some cases you could be making the problem worse and not fixing it.

How to fix peeling paint on wood siding

Peeling Paint on Wood Siding

A common problem in wood siding, is that moisture gets trapped inside the wood and then forces the paint off the wood, creating water/air pockets and causing the paint to peel.

How to fix peeling paint on wood siding:

  1. First, completely sand away all of the old peeling paint.
  2. Let that area dry out.
  3. Proceed to prime the area with an Oil Based Primer (This will seal in the moisture). Let this dry well.
  4. Then apply the top coats of paint.
How to fix peeling paint on stucco exterior

Peeling Paint on Stucco Exterior

Your stucco could very well have moisture trapped between the wall and the stucco. This could be caused by the stucco being improperly sealed when it was applied. Due to the drastic changes in temperature that we have in Saskatoon, this is not an uncommon problem.

When the weather changes rapidly, it could cause the stucco to not bond correctly to the house. Moisture trapped could then crack the stucco and make the problem worse.

How to fix peeling paint on stucco exterior:

Unfortunately this is a job for an expert. It could require major work on the stucco. It just depends on how and where the moisture is coming from.

How to fix peeling paint on exposed metal

Peeling Paint on Exposed Metal

Most likely the reason why paint would be peeling off of metal is because the paint didn’t adhere properly to the metal in the first place. Temperature has a large impact on paint adherence, and in Saskatoon, we have a lot of fluctuating temperatures. For example, if there is black paint on a shutter that is starting to peel, it could have something to do with the black color absorbing too much heat from being out in the sun when first painted. Darker colors will hold the heat more than lighter colors.

How to fix peeling paint on exposed metal:

  1. Sand off all of the old peeling paint
  2. Apply a bonding primer to the surface
  3. Then apply a top coat of paint (making sure to apply the paint during the optimal temperatures for proper bonding).

The Sun’s Effect on Exterior Paint

Lastly, no matter what the substrate that you are working with, your paint may be peeling on your south and southwest facing walls. This is because these are the walls that see the most sun, and the exposure to the sun can cause the paint to fade and peel.

How to fix paint that peeled because of the Sun:

Unfortunately, just due to the direction that these walls face, this is an issue that will continue to appear for you over the years.

No matter the substrate or issue though, if you’re looking for a Saskatoon exterior painting contractor who will come out and assess the issue for you for free, just click the button below for a free estimate.

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