Why is the paint on my house fading and discoloured?

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We’ve all had to deal with faded or discoloured paint on our home exterior at some point. It’s beneficial to know why it may have faded in the first place so that we’re not repainting it every few years.

In Saskatoon, the three major causes of paint fading on the exterior of your home are:

Reason One: The Direction the Walls Face

Have you noticed that the paint on your south or southwest walls is more faded than the rest of the house? There is a reason for this. In Saskatoon, these walls typically receive more sun and cold weather. These environmental factors fade the paint.

While on the north and shaded sides of your house, you will see areas that are not exposed to the sun as much. These areas can develop mould and moisture staining. These are two more reasons for the paint to fade and become discoloured.

Reason Two: Poor Quality Paints

Your paint may be fading if you or a past painting contractor has used poor quality paints. Discount brands use less colour pigment and fade faster than high-quality paints. Look for paints with UV protectants for the best results.

Reason Three: Improperly Applied Paint

Sometimes it looks like the paint is fading when the old paint beneath it shows through. This happens when the correct amount of coats wasn’t applied – or a primer was not used in a drastic colour change.

No matter the reason, we can restore the colour to your home. We will travel to any home in Saskatoon or the surrounding area when asked. Let us identify the problem and provide a solution. Call Next Level Painting at 306-270-6701 to book your free quote.

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